Welcome to the EDA Podcast. We created this platform to host and allow athletes to express their ideas, stories and really just anything they want to talk about. Candid portraits of up-and-coming athletes in the city of Dubai. Stories collected and curated by @kunabd.

What started as just a blog is now transformed into an audio experience that will give sporting personalities more freedom to express their opinions on fitness, sports or even rant about the local delivery service that takes hours to get anything done on time.

Wait, why do I have two different sections? Good question; The Everyday Breakdown is where I sit and breakdown & analyse different sporting events including MMA, football, cricket and more. If it’s in the news, we’ll probably talk about it in some capacity. I’ll have friends and die hard fans of the games we love to talk about the one thing that keeps them sane. It’s been quite a long introduction but I hope you enjoy and stay along for the ride!

Keepin it real.