The Money Fight – McGregor v Mayweather

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather is official and scheduled to take place on August 26th.

Who would have thought?

What started as a war of words between two stars that are (or were) at the pinnacle of their careers has become the most anticipated spectacle of the modern sporting era. A lot has been written and spoken about this fight and how it’ll pan out. You have boxing fans calling this an easy win for Mayweather and others giving Conor McGregor a chance. The experts have differing opinions with the boxing analysts calling this a one sided affair with the odd MMA expert giving Conor McGregor a fighting chance. Inevitably, everyone believes Mayweather should win the bout. Although, this has caused a bleeding effect with other MMA stars are calling out different boxers. This cannot work with anyone else. No one has the name or stardom that these two fighters possess. I also don’t think either promotion will allow any of their respective athletes to partake in such an event. This event will take contract negotiations to whole other level.

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is the obvious winner here. With the financial figures floating around which are rumored to be upwards of $100 million, Conor potentially earns more money in this fight than he ever has or will in his UFC career. He’s the only fighter the UFC brass would ever sanction outside the octagon. McGregor doesn’t need to win this fight either. If he goes the distance and doesn’t get totally and utterly dominated by the legendary boxer, then he’s already won. No one expects McGregor to pick up a win with his inexperienced boxing background and that’s exactly what gives him every chance of defying the odds. Conor will be motivated and buzzing with those odds; he’s always had to come through adversity with every onlooker doubting his ability and credentials.

MMA Fighting on SBN – YouTube


After his loss to Nate Diaz at 170lb, everyone thought he was finished and found his match in Diaz, but after being offered a second fight against the Stockton born fighter, he wanted the fight at the 170lb weight division again even though the UFC told Diaz he would need to drop to the 155lb division. Low and behold, he took the opportunity and won the second fight against Diaz. I think McGregor can really cause Mayweather some serious issues; it’ll be interesting to see how Mayweather reacts when Conor starts coming at him. The only downside for Conor and MMA’s image is if he gets knocked out within the first 2 rounds or a similar scenario. Survive that and MMA and Conor get a massive win amongst the fans.

Floyd Mayweather

We shouldn’t forget Floyd Mayweather is coming out of retirement to fight Conor McGregor. After a 2 year layoff the undefeated boxer will once again step into the ring to face off against sports biggest draw. From what we’ve seen, Mayweather seems to be in good shape and is back training with the same intensity and drive to try and reach the coveted 50th win of his career. For Floyd it’s a chance to make millions of dollars and get his 50th win. Being the overwhelming favorite the pressure is on Mayweather to make sure he delivers on the biggest stage once again.

I think the most intriguing portion of this fight is how quickly Mayweather can figure out Conor McGregor’s movement, style and distance. Does it take 2 rounds? 6 rounds? 9 rounds? Then again, this will most likely end up with a win via decision but it all depends on how quickly he adapts to McGregor and if McGregor can capitalize during the first couple of rounds.

Rafferty, 2017 (RollingStone)


WME and UFC must be pleased with this result. I doubt they were thrilled when this was first mooted but with the ever growing press surrounding this super fight the promotion recognized the financial gains this fight surrounding the bout, thus brokering a deal with Mayweather. For those who aren’t aware, WME acquired the UFC in a reported $4 billion acquisition.

The amount of revenue that they should receive for this fight should go a long way in paying off the $4 billion loan they incurred buying the UFC. They needed a massive boost both in terms of revenue and excitement for the fans. 2016 was one of the best years for the UFC and they bought the promotion mainly on that showing but with 2017 starting very slowly and the best potential fight of the year coming at the end of July, this fight has come in as a blessing in disguise. If this fight was proposed in 2016 under the Fertitta administration (previous owners) they would have never let Conor McGregor fight but 2017 has brought different circumstances to the table.

Numbers Game

As far as the fight goes, the overwhelming prediction is Mayweather will probably win it on points. Even with Floyd being out of the game for 2 years, he’s a very accomplished boxer that could beat most boxers but ring rust can play a huge part in this fight. Ideally, if Mayweather had one fight under his belt, he would be in a much better place to face Conor. Alternatively, McGregor has youth and consistency on his side. He’s been fighting for the past few years and is in the prime of his career and could spring a surprise. At the end of the day, it’s a spectacle, an entertainment fight that provides a monstrous marketing boost to the UFC and boxing, not to mention the millions of dollars made from advertising and sponsorship streams. This event can only be described as a marketer’s dream and one for Conor to ride off into the sunset with a truck full of cash.

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