Everyday Athlete x Andre Houdet

Sometimes, I sit back and reminisce on my teenage years and early 20s; what was I doing when I was 19, 20 years old? Well, I certainly wasn’t training to become a beastly athlete in multiple disciplines and increasing my knowledge in something I was so passionate about. I didn't even know I was passionate … Continue reading Everyday Athlete x Andre Houdet

Everyday Athlete x Yasmin Baker

There are very few people I meet that have the inclination to partake in some friendly banter off the bat. Most of my conversations start off with a general talk about the brand and idea and we move into a meet. My next guest broke the norm and engaged in some of the most high … Continue reading Everyday Athlete x Yasmin Baker

Everyday Athlete x Eric Ramsey

The world of MMA has growing exponentially over the last few years and the U.A.E has had it’s a glimpse and a taste of this sport. The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) was once held in Abu Dhabi for UFC 112. The UAE Jiu-Jitsu Federation hosts tournaments around the country and world, promoting the principle. This … Continue reading Everyday Athlete x Eric Ramsey

Everyday Athlete x Amal Murad

Over the last few months, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some inspirational and talented individuals and none fewer than this girl who I’ve written about today. With Emirati’s Women’s Day recently celebrated, it only made sense that we showcased and highlighted one of the bright sparks who has captured a nation’s heart and mind. … Continue reading Everyday Athlete x Amal Murad

Everyday Athlete x Reyhana Harper

After a small break, the Everyday Athlete returns and today’s release is about a lady who is incredibly passionate about her business and how she managed to end up with two let alone one business. From sleeping in her car to coaching full time; Reyhana Harper has set an example for others to follow and … Continue reading Everyday Athlete x Reyhana Harper

Everyday Athlete x Kiki For Crossfit

‘Just step on to the Platform and we will take care of you.’ Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting one of the U.A.E’s leading Emirati fitness entrepreneurs. Shaikha Al Qassemi, better known as Kiki For Crossfit is an inspirer, motivator and influencer packaged into one strong and dedicated girl. Shaikha is hell-bent … Continue reading Everyday Athlete x Kiki For Crossfit

Everyday Athlete x Misha Ramirez

During my search for another Everyday Athlete, I came across a girl having the time of her life. I thought: ‘I need to see what she’s all about’ and do not regret it. In this installment of the Everyday Athlete, we have a closer look at a Central American CrossFit and Wellness coach, whose ambition, … Continue reading Everyday Athlete x Misha Ramirez

The Everyday Athlete – Yousef Al Gurg

Yousef Al Gurg is an extraordinary individual. An Emirati prodigy with whole host of talents and experience at the age of 26 has dipped his toes in a number of career paths that a rare few get to realise. His passion, drive and willingness to experience new avenues and learn are second to none - … Continue reading The Everyday Athlete – Yousef Al Gurg

Everyday Athlete x Kirsteen Thain

In the next installment of the everyday athlete series we speak to an incredibly driven, passionate and humble lady who has dedicated her career to improving the wellness of women in the United Arab Emirates; I bring to you - Kirsteen Thain. Kirsteen Thain Kirsteen is a dedicated coach who moved from a full time … Continue reading Everyday Athlete x Kirsteen Thain

The Everyday Athlete – Leon Basha

Fitness has become a recent phenomenon and trend in the UAE on a regional scale. Many expats and locals have been interested and practice a healthy lifestyle but it’s always felt like a niche that few would follow. Combined with the one of the highest rates of obesity in the world, the UAE needed to … Continue reading The Everyday Athlete – Leon Basha